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Thank you for your interest in the Corellian Trading Company. Please take a moment to briefly introduce yourself in our general forums, under the Recruit thread.
Guild News

New member!

Tellius, Mar 4, 12 4:21 PM.
Welcome to our newest member, Frayda!

Article on Orange gear coming soon!

Kripo, Feb 25, 12 9:11 PM.
I am currently working on an article explaining the whats what on "orange" items.  Hope to have it up in the next day or so, please feel free to read and critique!


Technical Updates

Tellius, Feb 16, 12 9:42 PM.
As you can see, I have made updates and changes to the Home page. If you feel like we could add anything up here, or that the layout could be better, please let me know.

Some additional information:

1) The website is locked down as will also work. 
2) As you can see on the right, I have purchase a 15-connection hosted Ventrilo server through Clicking on the box will open your Ventrilo client, and connect you to the server. The address and password are listed in the Ventrilo thread in the members only forums.
3) If you're interested in a email address, please contact me to discuss.
4) Finally, please update your information as requested by Kripo, as we're working on coordinating everyone's skills.

Thanks, and see you in game! 

Addendum & Errata

Tellius, Feb 16, 12 7:15 AM.
Just a couple of things about last night's post;

On item 2), I should've said that NOT using www. is unsupported. You must navigate to to get to this page. Typing will not work.

On item 3), please see the members only forums for some important information regarding Ventrilo. I have not purchased the new server yet, but I've made some minor modifications to the old one.


Changes coming!

Tellius, Feb 16, 12 12:35 AM.
With the continued growth of our guild, I have decided to make some improvements;

1) Effective tonight, I am placing Kripo in control of the website. She has more time than I do to deal with it, and is more organized than I am. Stay tuned for improvements in layout and content. I'm pretty sure she's going to be asking folks to add some information about their characters to various forums topics, so keep your eyes on the news section here, and the guild MOTD in game.

2) Due to a plurality of preference among members, I've purchased for use by the guild. I am setting up forwarding now, so hopefully by tomorrow morning, you'll be able to navigate that address to get back here. Be advised that using www., at least at this time, won't work. If I decide to pay for GuildPortal some time in the future, it should start working then.

3) I am looking at options for a hosted Ventrilo server. The current one is hosted directly from my house, and is the free version, which only supports eight players. I'll be going to a 15-connection, (and hopefully later, a 25-connection!) hosted server, which will provide us with enough space for all members to use the server at once, and hopefully, higher quality.

4) Not exactly a change, but we continue to be in need of main-character healers and tanks. I am currently working on a couple of real life friends who have played these roles in the past, and are currently playing SWTOR on a different server, but there are no guarantees. If you know of anyone else playing these roles on Axial Park currently, please encourage them to check out CTC. We will, of course, continue to accept applications from all levels and classes.
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